An Elite Penguin Force Agent, Elitist or EPF Agent, is a penguin employed by the EPF who work to make Club Penguin Island a safer place. They have access to the EPFCommand Room]].Gary The Gadget Guy,Jet Pack Guy, Rookie,PH, and Dot are EPF agents. EPF is also a hidden abbreviation for the Everyday Phoning Facillity.

EPF Agents work with The Director of the EPF Originally, you could become an EPF Agent by going in the change room closest to the door in the Sport Shop. After the Popcorn Explosion and merge with the PSA, ex-PSA Agents and anyone who is given an invitation can take a test in the Everyday Phoning Facility and become an agent. EPF Agents have access to the new rooms such as the Puffle Training Room, the Mine Room, and the Tool Shed in the game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. In the online version of Club Penguin, there are missions for EPF agents when you do Field-Ops and System Defender and when going in the Mission Room through the Tube Transport. Since December 1st, 2010 , EPF Agents receive a paycheck of 350 coins each month.

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