The Dojo can normally be reached through the Dojo Courtyard, which can be found on the Map. Players can play card jitzu here to earn belts and eventually become Ninja. In Club Penguin elite penguin game for Nintendo DS, the entrance to the puffle training room is inside the Dojo. It should be noted that penguin cannot walk to the Dojo. Penguins must either use their map or their spy phone to arrive at the Dojo.


  • It used to be a secret area in Club Penguin until November 4, 2008 when The hit and the Dig Out The Dojo project was started. It was built by Sensei a long time before most Penguins found The Club Penguin Island. Before Penguins came, the Dojo was mainly used for huge snowball fights and Partys.


  • During late May 2009, the Dojo was updated with new features. The Card-Jitsu sign was changed, and a new Ninja Progress was added to the bottom right corner of the screen.


The Dojo before the updates in May 2009.Added by Spider880The Dojo after The Storm Added by Sk8rbluscat Since a Dojo is related to Ninjas, the Dojo had become one of the roots of the Ninja rumor. Some Penguins were hanging around looking for ninja evidence.


There was a rumor that if players stand completely still at the Dojo for 30 minutes, you would become a Ninja. Aunt Arctic confirmed that this wasn't true since your Penguin would be logged off automatically if it is idle for more than 10 minutes. It is also one of Sensei's jokes when you ask for instructions.

Maybe Ninja

Sensei before his name was revealed. His name back then was ??????


On November 3, 2008, the Dojo Roof was opened. Penguins were then able to access the Dojo Courtyard. Once there, you could see a gray penguin with a cone shaped hat, brown coat, white beard, and a shovel. His name was revealed to be Sensei.

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