Full Name Chris Hall
Species penguin
Color Blue
Clothing Beach Clothes
Friends 2,500 plus Rockhopper and Sensei
Meetable? yes
ID (friend list) no

hi im chris(ForeverAFanOfZuko) and if you want add me on Club Penguin you can i ve got about 99 stamps 2,678 friends 16,000 coins and ive met Rockhopper And Sensei So add me Ch4iz i also have a tracker Ch4iz Tracker.

About Me Edit

Hi Guys im Chris aka ch4iz and FoveverAFanOfZuko and i love lego,Club Penguin Of course i am the creater of clubpenguinaces wiki i also love Going Out with my mates and haveing a laugh uno and that i do also no quite alot of treasure chest codes like FREEHOODIE HPHONES1 EPFAGENT and many more which ill post here on clubpenguinaces wiki and stuff so be shy start or keep contributeing :) ForeverAFanOfZuko 04:16, May 23, 2012 (UTC)